Nothing to flap about

Somewhere in the world of reaction-based sports (life, really) a rule was created where fans can only believe in their team. At. All. Times. (I’m pretty sure this rule has bled into politics and suburban parents as well.)

So after seeing the latest BCS rankings have Oregon dropping from #3 to #4, you knew there would be reaction from Webfoot fans decrying the inequity of it all.

However, I’m not as appalled—nor have I had to reacquaint myself with breathing methods often saved for women in their eighth hour of labor. Instead I simply looked at what the result is, what it possibly should be, and what needs to happen in order to correct it.

This is because I have a very rational sense of self. (Trust me, I know reading that makes people want to jam a fork through my trachea, but…) I know my strengths as well as my weaknesses, and this helps me not to get too incredulous when things go wrong because it helps me keep in perspective what I thought the outcome should be, what are the circumstances that are changing it, and what needs to happen in order for the correct end result.

Not that I’ve ever had my rational senses tested by being in a sinking ship or a burning building, but I have sat in traffic one time for over four hours and hardly complained at all. (Hashtag, not the same thing.)

Last week Oregon was properly placed in the rankings at #3 behind Alabama and Florida (much to the chagrin of the Autzen faithful); and yes, the Ducks quacked down on ASU, but Kansas State, who jumped them in this week’s poll, deserves the #3 ranking after giving #13 West Virginia a thumping in West Virginia. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can argue on this one? Kansas State killed (K-I-L-T) a ranked opponent at home while the Ducks beat (demoralized?) an unranked ASU team that had very little going for it.

This isn’t to say Oregon isn’t better than Kansas State, but it does make sense at this point in the season that they’re ranked lower.

Now for the bright side: as it stands Kansas State only has one more ranked opponent to play this season (Texas Tech this upcoming weekend), while #2 Florida has two ranked opponents left. Oregon has three of their next five games against ranked opponents. If the Ducks continue to win the day, it’ll all work out.

And if it doesn’t, Oregon fans will once again be reminded that you can’t spell BCS without B-S.


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