From 0 to 43 in two quarters

The Oregon Ducks ran on all cylinders Thursday night against the Arizona State Sun Devils. A finely tuned machine capable of running at high-octane speed, yet also, as anyone who follows the Ducks blend of offensive ingenuity and defensive prowess knows, it was once again a sustainable hybrid. All this to say after putting so much tread on the tires, it was appropriate the score was a blow out.

(Stereotypically, gender roles being abided by, I should know more about cars to further the metaphor, but unfortunately I’m running on empty…)

In actuality, it’s wrong to make a car metaphor since the Ducks offense doesn’t show any signs of breaking down.

Days after being slapped in the face with a #3 ranking from the all-powerful BCS computers, the Ducks were able to withstand an early fumble and Sun Devil touchdown and respond with 43 unanswered points in front of the Arizona State crowd in Tempe, and on national TV. Their resolve in the face of adversity proved that computers truly lack the ability to think critically beyond pure numbers. (Although, obviously that’s a good thing since once they gain that, we’re surely moments away from actually living The Matrix.)

The story on Thursday night—as it’s been since coach Chip Kelly took over at Oregon—was the offense and how it continually and nonchalantly suffocates opposing defenses with its quick, efficient pace. Sun Devil fans celebrated a “black out” theme as they packed the stadium in anticipation of a nationally televised upset win; unfortunately for them, their t-shirt colors matched their mood by the end of the first quarter and, like the Ducks offense, never looked back.

Though ASU shouldn’t feel too bad since they were merely the latest opponent to be run over by the Ducks en route to victory.


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