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Change is inevitable; embrace is a different story

Naturally as change occurs, there’s a struggle to keep ahold of what you know to be right and true. Of course most are open to the idea of change, but actually embracing what you’ve spent so much of your time running away from is intimidating and penetrates a specific type of fear that reduces you … Continue reading

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This moment matters, but why is important

It’s with sincerity that people struggle for perspective, especially when given the opportunity to remark on anything culturally relevant. The difficulty is trying to understand what the narrative is (or, sometimes, what it should be) as opposed to only dealing with the subject because it has the ability to be perceived as intoxicating. Jason Collins … Continue reading

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Blazers/Bucks Preview

The Portland Trail Blazers take on the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee on CSNNW at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Tuesday night in the “Salma Hayek/Penelope Cruz Look-A-Like Battle Royale!” That is, two teams with almost identical records and seemingly indistinguishable portfolios taking on one another while only their fan bases truly know the differences. Milwaukee is almost … Continue reading